Road construction consists of two stages: preparation of the road project and construction of the road. As Genç Hafriyat company, we offer you professional service at both stages. With years of experience and trust, we carry out road construction works in every part of our country.

Let's see some of the machines working in road construction:

Grader (Flatting machine): The grader, which has a lot of labor, scrapes and levels the soil surface on which the road will be built with its wide steel blade.

Tandem roller: It presses and compresses the soil surface that the grader scrapes and smoothes. This work reveals the raw path.

Crusher (Stone crushing machine): It crushes and prepares the stones that will form the foundation and sub-base of the road to the desired size. Why isn't gravel sand, which can be found in any size, used here? The question may come to mind. There is a reason for this: Crushed stones obtained by breaking basalt rocks consist of smooth and angular stones that can be easily welded together. These are 6 cm in diameter. It is large enough to pass through a ring.

Dump Truck: Used to transport crushed stone.

Crushed stone paver: Spreads crushed stone evenly over the raw road.

Bandaged roller: It presses and compacts the layer spread by the crushed stone paver.

Asphalt distributor (sprayer): Sprays hot tar onto crushed stone. This hot liquid penetrates to the bottom layer of the stones, dries there and brings the stones into a whole state. Thus, the flexible section of the road is created. Thanks to this feature, the road can handle even the heaviest loads without cracking.